September 11, 2001, 911 attacks caused a tremendous impact on the United States and the world which led the United States to adopt more stringent security measures to prevent various kinds of jeopardize safety circumstances, especially when import to the United States by container transporting, such as Hide drugs or deadly weapons in cargos, bacteriological contamination, chemical substances harmful to health and environment.

Tycoons (Thailand) was aware the importance of counter-terrorism. Therefore we established security policy to prevent any terrorist attacks. The following is our policy.

We insist making high quality products and cooperate with customers to prevent any chances for terrorist attack.

We execute security and counter-terrorism training with our security policy actually to establish counter-terrorism awareness.

The security policy is the highest principle of our responsibility to obey and carry forward the counter-terrorism precautions.

We provide fund, time, human power and other resources ensuring that Tycoons security policy can reach the enactment of protection. We also formulate the official documents of security guidance operating procedures.

Operations team’s responsibility is checking and evaluating the practice conditions of security policy within the specified time.

This policy is announced to our employees and the public.