Tycoons (Thailand) take care of the environment and properly treat the wastewater and sewage of manufacturing process by waste water treatment plant, through the treatment system and effluent the water will be tested to ascertain that it meets with the official standards. The waste gas is exhausted after the wet scrubber treatment. Industrial waste is entrusted qualified waste transporter and disposer to disposal. Our job is to reduce the energy use, the generation of waste and pollution during the process of manufacturing. For the sustainable development of the company and the survival of mankind, we fulfill our environmental responsibilities in pollution prevention and environment protection. The following is our policy.

Establish, implement and continually improve an environmental management system.

To the protection of the environment, save energy and valuable resources.

Prevent and reduce of environmental pollution.

Compliance with law and environmental requirement,include interested parties requirement and the other compliance obligations relevant.

Social responsibility, communities and interested parties.

We are implementing the items above. This environmental protection policy is announced to our employees and the public.